Sputnik I

The traditional modelling stand becomes a temporary minimal work station table and is moved from the workshop into the office landscape; where, in former times heavy work pieces were placed; seeing as, nowadays, we primarily use laptops, etc. The four legs are complemented by a centrally integrated lifting column so that the table is either mechanically or electrically height-adjustable. Materials and colours can be combined in many variations. Optional castors lend to even more mobility and movement in the office. As a temporary work station, Sputnik I is used wherever dynamic thinking processes happen and changes in perspectives are requisite.

Sputnik II

The wheelbarrow idea is redefined and sets the office in motion in the form of Sputnik II. The temporary, minimal work station table is mobile in two directions: in the horizontal plane by the electrical or mechanical height adjustment, in the vertical plane or by the integrated castor. As a supplementary table, Sputnik II can be placed next to a static work station or remain freestanding as a second level above a static work station. As a temporary work station, Sputnik II is used wherever dynamic thinking processes happen and when changes in perspectives are likely to take place. Sputniks in procession can be turned instantaneously into a single interaction table for informal exchange.

Acoustic shield wall

Walls made up of motu acoustic shields are anything but steadfast, never to be moved again; au contraire, thanks to its lightness and easy handling, these units can be quickly and simply repositioned when needed for zoning. This is ensured by the selected material and the design: the felt has great sound absorbing properties. With its clever plug-in hinges that fit into the grip holes, the wall is readily adjustable. Regardless of size – all acoustic elements made of felt serve as pin boards or presentation surfaces too.