Meeting table A plus

Finally there is an interaction table with lots of space for everybody to lay out their plans – whilst sitting or standing, over a length of two, four or even more metres. The end-to-end tabletop has three supports and is available in many colours. The proven A-shaped trestles incorporated into the design concept provide the highest appreciable degree of stability in extended table formats; whilst, availing overall electric height adjustability – to cater to those spontaneous inclinations we share for welcomed, inspirational changes in perspective: so that all persons at the meeting table may come to a common position.


The classic locker is the model updated by intelligent features and construction details; such as, electrification – it features sockets and an electronic lock. Its side and front panels have sound frequency absorbing surfaces. The metallic body ensures the necessary stability. The apothecary style pull-out drawers imply clarity. Everything else, the user is free to customise with their order, as necessary: the degree of sound absorbency for instance, its interior fittings, colour, etc. Naturally, the user defines its function; whether a locker is fitted out with five standard folder height compartments; as opposed to a filing cabinet that doubles as a wardrobe, providing space for personal items; it’s positioning, where it might act as a divider and so on.

Multifunctional element brick

The archetypal block-shaped unit becomes an acoustically effective, multifunctional entity in the office; a playful element to daily routine. The format is proven. The realisation in felt makes it invitingly multifunctional. By stacking and arranging the elements, they can be turned into an acoustic wall; into a seating landscape, for spontaneous meetings; or used simply as a basic plinth or footstool, etc.