Sliding-door cabinet

An acoustically absorbent, generously proportioned, sliding-door cabinet, optimised with regard to its storage potential and having succinctly fitted technology. Resultantly, the cabinet has flush sliding doors, is electronically lockable and its interior provides four standard, folder height compartments for document filing. In the workspace, ideally, the slidingdoor cabinet can be employed as a divider.

Boltless shelving system bookcase

In principle, it is very simple: A boltless; as in, an interleaved, shelving system consisting of single, identical elements. Thus, it is endlessly expandable in grids. The shelving system is built up from identical panels that are plugged together horizontally and vertically. Doors can be placed everywhere within the grid. The classic plug system ensures easy assembly and dismantling. No matter, whether it is positioned against a wall or placed as a freestanding partition element.

Table A

Consider the archetypal idea behind the trestle table – proven for generations – as the godfather. Now with the arrival of its godchild, so to speak, we encounter various evolutionary, creative and constructive innovations: The extensive customisability of this office desk-cum-work table result from the combination of electrically height-adjustable columns and the wide range of materials that can be employed. The tabletops are made of linoleum, wood or laminate and offered in many colours. The A-shaped trestle is available in metal or – and this is a novelty in electrically height-adjustable tables – wood. In this variant, the lifting column fits precisely to the A-shaped trestle.