Mobile pedestal

The mobile pedestal will follow its user wherever he goes. It is electronically lockable and optimised with regard to its storage potential. It can be quickly stowed away under the desk, or can be spontaneously pulled out again, to function as a seat, thanks to its flat surface and felt cushion.

Desk absorber

The desk absorber may appear to be small; it possesses, however, great acoustic properties; an attribute of the selected material and its design: felt bears high sound absorbing characteristics. Employing the clamp, it can be readily fixed to the desk. Regardless of size – all acoustic elements made of felt serve as pin boards or presentation surfaces too.

Tall pedestal

Only the outer design of this tall pedestal remains classical in form. Its redefinition and contemporary features make it a quick-change artist and an acoustically effective piece of furniture. The metallic body ensures the necessary stability. The apothecary style pull-out drawers imply certain clarity. The electronic lock affirms confidentiality; whereas, everything else, users are free to customise with their order, as necessary: the degree of sound absorbency for instance, its interior fittings, colour, etc. Naturally, users determine its function; whether the tall pedestal, with its three standard folder height compartments, is used as a document filing cabinet positioned against a wall; whether it is used in the traditional way between two desks; or whether it is used as a freestanding partition element, in order to act as a high table and consulting island.