Multifunctional element brick

The archetypal block-shaped unit becomes an acoustically effective, multifunctional entity in the office; a playful element to daily routine. The format is proven. The realisation in felt makes it invitingly multifunctional. By stacking and arranging the elements, they can be turned into an acoustic wall; into a seating landscape, for spontaneous meetings; or used simply as a basic plinth or footstool, etc.

Material brick

Acoustic felt PET,
grey flecked / 500x850x333 / 25 mm

Modular & linked

2x brick
linked with tension belt

5x brick


Features and absorption data

test with distance 200mm: (red)
acoustic absorber class A
NRC: 1,00 / SAA: 1,02 / alphaW: 1,00

test while free-standing: (black)
acoustic absorber class A
NRC: 0,65 / SAA: 0,64 / alphaW: 0,60

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